Terms of reservation and stay
To better meet your needs, we should make a reservation in advance by calling us directly at 019/612626 or by sending an email to bungiurnu@gmail.com

Method of booking confirmation

After booking, you will receive a written confirmation by mail showing the living conditions and directions to make the payment of the deposit required, amounting to at least 30% of the total amount (in case of special packages the requested amount could range ), * by money order or bank draft made payable to us.
In booking a phone number must be entered in addition to your personal dates.
when you'll paid, the booking will be definitely confirmed, and we will notify you by mail.
For special offers on this site or on other virtual portals, the  amount may be asked early in its entirety.

* WARNING: please write your name and the date of Holiday like a causal of bank transfer. Payments must be made to:

Bank details IBAN: it92t0608511200000000020411
Bank: banca di asti Agency Brescia

Conditions of Stay
• Rooms are available from 14.00 on day of arrival and must be vacated by 10:30 am the day of departure
• The room can not be occupied by a number of people (including children) greater than that indicated
• Promotions and discounts can not be combined
• The prices shown are always referred to the chamber consisting of electricity, water (the entry of animals although well accepted is subject to charging)
• In case of late arrival or early departure, they are charged in the days reserved when booking. You can not in any case only be counted the days of permanence.
• We accept cash and bank transfers
• pets are generally allowed (please state the size and check the costs)

Terms of Cancellations
 the following rules apply:
• up to 60 days before arrival will be refunded the full amount of the deposit paid
• from 30 to 60 days before the start of the stay is retained 50% of the deposit paid
• within 30 days of the arrival date will be retained the entire deposit paid